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(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

You probably give 100% of yourself every day… Shouldn’t your mattress do the same for you, every night? If you’re looking for a mattress that is scientifically crafted specifically for people with an active lifestyle and elite athletes, you found the right webpage.

MOLECULE bed products focus on body recovery and rest, regulating its natural temperature and providing you with best support while you sleep.
MOLECULE mattresses are scientifically engineered to maximize airflow and facilitate cooling throughout the night, resulting in better temperature-regulation for ultimate sports performance and optimal sleep.

The result? Meticulously engineered bed products that efficiently transfer heat away from the body – an important factor for getting the most restorative sleep possible.

“Sleep is the most important recovery tool that I use. When I am able to wind down and get into deep sleep, my recovery is just that much better. With MOLECULE mattresses, sheets, and the rest of their entire line of sleep products, I’m getting the rest I need to propel me forward on the field and beyond. I’ve been a fan of their products since the first day I tried them and have noticed improvements in my overall fitness and performance as a result of better sleep from using MOLECULE.”
Alex Morgan – Forward U.S. Women’s Soccer team.

Backed by Science

Cool sleep is a guiding principle in the manufacture of a MOLECULE mattress for athletes. One of the most important factors that can influence the duration and quality of your body’s recovery during sleep is an adequate reduction in your core body temperature. Our body’s thermoregulation is less efficient during sleep, thus external controllable factors that affect temperature – such as the bed products you sleep on – are of paramount importance.

What is the right type of sleep?

In any given night of sleep, your body typically goes through 4 (four) distinct stages of sleep. One stage in particular – the so-called Slow Wave Sleep – is the most restorative stage for your body.

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Stage N3 is the deepest stage of sleep and the hardest to wake up from. | Typically represents 25% of the night of sleep. | Blood pressure drops | Breathing becomes slower, deeper, more rhythmic. | SLOW WAVE SLEEP IS THE MOST RESTORATIVE STAGE OF SLEEP.
“As someone who leads an active lifestyle, I pay attention to good nutrition and fitness, and I’m always on the lookout for proven ways to enrich my well-being. As an athlete and former Olympian, trust me when I say I understand sore joints and muscles. And, I know how important good sleep is for our bodies’ recovery, in feeling our best, and propelling us to work and play at peak performance. Sleeping on a MOLECULE mattress makes me feel well-rested, re-energized and ready for whatever lies ahead.”
Nastia Liukin, Molecule’s first athlete ambassador, and a 5-time Olympic Medalist.

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