The Best Mattress Foundation For You

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2019)

A bed foundation is whatever your mattress sits on. Both box springs and bed foundations are base components designed to support mattresses and protect them from wear and tear. For many sleepers, their mattress foundation consists of a set of wooden box springs. Other mattress foundations trade box springs for a platform of wooden slats.

Every mattress foundation choice is gonna have consequences for your sleep. If your current mattress isn’t supported properly, you most probably aren’t sleeping well. To avoid waking in pain and to get the most out of your mattress, you need the right bed foundation. If your bed is supported properly, your body will thank you.

Box springs

Box springs are wooden boxes with metal springs, and they’re often designed to pair specifically with traditional spring coil mattresses. This is because spring beds need the box spring to give a little to support the pressure of our bodies. Box springs aren’t ideal for supporting other mattress types. Since they don’t provide even support to your body, they don’t work well with memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses.

Mattress Foundations

Mattress foundations are designed for today’s high-tech memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses, which don’t require the same type of support as traditional coil spring mattresses.

Exactly like the box springs, mattress foundations are also made from metal or sturdy wood and covered in breathable fabric. However, mattress foundations don’t include coiled springs, and they’re simply a solid frame box for supporting your mattress and raise it to a more appropriate height off the floor.

Mattress foundations come in the same dimensions as box springs. Their standard height is 9 inches, or you can go lower with a 4 or a 6 inch version.

Adjustable Bed Foundations

An adjustable base might be the best option for a bed foundation, because it can move the head and feet up or down using a remote control, and this is a great service for avid readers in bed, severe snorers, and those who just love customization everywhere.

These adjustable beds often come with many other features, such as massaging vibrations, reading lights, and Bluetooth.

Why Getting a Mattress Foundation?

If you’re gonna get a foundation, get one that’s right specifically for your bed. If you have a spring coil mattress, you should get a box spring that can absorb some of the pressure. Otherwise, a sturdy, even bed foundation is best. A proper foundation will limit wear and tear on your mattress, thus extending the lifespan of your bed.

Air flow in a foundation is also important, otherwise you’ll wake up in a sweaty, hot mess. Appropriately spaced slats let air move between the floor and your mattress, and box springs and foundations should be covered in breathable material for the same purpose. Adequate air flow keeps both you and your bed, cool all night.

Finally, mattress foundations help keeping your bed away from allergens and dust that might exist on the floor of your bedroom.

How to Shop for a Mattress Foundation

  • While looking for a foundation for your mattress, first check the warranty and make sure you know which types of bed foundations / box spring will void your warranty.
  • Decide how high you want your mattress to sit. You see, your foundation is gonna add to the overall height at which you sit and sleep on your bed.
  • Consider that box springs can’t bend. You may need a more lightweight, flexible foundation (or slats if you live in a small flat).
  • Look for features that suit your unique requirements. Consider head / footboard / height attachments, if you have them.
  • Consider the body weight of everyone who will be sleeping, sitting and jumping on your bed. That, along with the weight of your mattress, will determine your foundation’s weight limits.
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This Orthopedic Bed Foundation is constructed of sturdy spruce wood and covered with an attractive organic cotton fabric. Each foundation is heat treated and designed to support up to 1200 lbs of weight. SHOP NOW!

9 Great Benefits of An Orthopedic Bed Foundation

  • Constructed of sturdy wood (no particle board) for maximum support
  • Covered with an attractive organic cotton fabric
  • Heat-treated – not chemical-treated
  • Easily assembled in minutes
  • Euro-slatted design provides greater breath-ability for your mattress
  • Proper support to ensure your mattress lasts a lifetime
  • Perfectly aligned to prevent mattress damage over time
  • Industry standard 8″ height raises your mattress to a comfortable position
  • Heavy duty design can support up to 1200 pounds of weight

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