Best Adjustable Firmness Mattress for Back Pain

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Considering that most people spend about one third of their lives lying in bed, selecting the right mattress is of paramount importance for containing back pain, because it can make the difference in whether you can sleep well at night and function properly the next day.

Plush vs. Firm Mattresses

In the past, doctors used to recommend very firm mattresses. But more recent surveys among people with back pain reveal that those who sleep on very hard mattresses had the worse sleep quality. Furthermore, there is no difference in sleep quality between those who use firm and medium-firm mattresses.

On the other hand, plush mattresses can also be problematic, the reason being that while a soft mattress that conforms to your body’s natural curves may help your joints to align properly, you might also sink in so deeply that your joints might twist and become painful during the night in bed.

A new mattress described as plush often feel softer on the surface where you sleep. Lots of people describe slipping into plush mattresses as sinking into a luxuriously comfortable bed, and are normally well-suited for people who suffer from pressure point discomfort while sleeping on their sides. And the reason for this is because plush mattresses cradle and cushion pressure points, thus creating less stress on the joints.

In short, soft mattresses cushion your body while you sleep, with the perfect amount of give, for a comfortable night’s sleep.
Sometimes, back sleepers also reveal a preference for plush mattresses, but they require them with firmer cores for providing the support their backs demand, in order to maintain adequate spinal alignment while sleeping.

However, stomach sleepers seldom select plush mattresses. The sinking sensation can leave them with the feeling as if they’re suffocating. And the mattress often force the spine to bend in awkward positions. A firm and medium-firm mattress is a better choice for many back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

A firm mattress isn’t quite as soft as the plusher variety, and it is often referred to as providing exceptional support. While some people find it uncomfortable and stiff, stomach sleepers often find it a better choice. A firm and medium-firm bed helps stomach sleepers maintain proper spinal alignment while sleeping, as do those who are back sleepers.

Side sleepers sometimes struggle with a firmer mattress as it tends to irritate pressure points, leaving them sore and aching in the morning. While hips and shoulders are the most commonly complained of pressure points when it comes to a firm and medium firm mattress, sometimes people also complain about their knees. However, by placing a thin pillow between your knees while sleeping, this can often be sorted out regardless of how firm or soft your mattress is.

What If You Choose The Wrong Firmness?

The new mattress needs to support your body in a neutral position, meaning that your buttocks, shoulders, heels and head are well supported in proper alignment, and in which your spine has a natural curvature. If the new mattress is too soft, those pressure points won’t be properly supported, so your whole body will flop back, and if it is too firm, it will push on those main pressure points and take you out of alignment.

Both of these alternative scenarios can cause an achy morning, back pain and your body will not function properly during the day. Thus, finding the proper balance between firmness and softness is very important for your sleeping needs.

What If Your Partner Has Different Requirements?

Lots of people spend weeks looking for a new mattress that offers a proper balance between a firm versus a soft bed.
It is difficult enough to find the right fit for just yourself, but when you add your partner into the mix, the decision process becomes even more complex – and in particular when your partner has different comfort preferences.

Fortunately, there are handmade mattresses that offer buyers infinite customization, so that each person can have their own preferred level of firmness and/or softness, for each side of the bed.

Make sure that you’ll be able to change the level of plushness and/or firmness after you’ve purchased your new mattress by simply adding or removing comfort layers.

This is possible because such mattress layers are not glued together. This gives you the option of adding and removing layers, as needed, to meet your unique comfort and support preferences. You can even have a different level of firmness and softness on each side of the bed. This is a great option for couples with different comfort requirements, where one prefers a firm bed and the other prefers a soft bed.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

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Little scientific research exists for maintaining a healthy back or on which mattress is best for back pain. The mattress that’s right for you lets you wake up feeling rested and free of soreness or pain. Unless you have a condition that may require a certain type of mattress, you should choose one that is comfortable and provides support for the natural curves of your spine. Because back pain is so common, numerous mattress manufacturers promise to relieve or prevent your back pain, without scientific evidence.

While no one type of mattress is a fix for all, in general, a firmer mattress — one that supports the spine at all points throughout its natural curve — is normally preferred by back sufferers. While it’s important that a mattress provides adequate level support for the spine, personal preference, and comfort level are the key factors to consider when selecting a mattress.

Buying a new mattress is a significant expense for most families, so it’s best to try it out before making a commitment. Does this mean that a mattress-in-a-box should not be considered? Not at all, if such manufacturer offers at least 90+ nights money-back guarantee with a no-hassle return policy. Ninety days is a much more effective inspection period than whatever customers can find out during the time they spend trying out mattresses at a brick-and-mortar local store.

Furthermore, by making simple changes in your sleeping position, you can take strain off your back [source: Mayo Clinic].

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery side-sleeper-man Best Mattress for Back Pain Back Pain Mattresses  latex hybrid mattresses for back pain best mattresses back pain back pain mattress
Sleeping on your side, a firm pillow between your knees will prevent your upper leg from pulling your spine out of alignment and reduce stress on your hips and lower back.
  • If you sleep on your side, draw your legs up slightly toward your chest and put a pillow between your legs. The American Academy of Family Physicians points to this position as the healthiest for low back pain [see picture above].
  • Sleeping on your stomach can be hard on your back. If you can’t sleep any other way, reduce the strain on your back by placing a pillow under your lower abdomen and pelvis, and use also a pillow under your head. If it still does cause strain on your back, try sleeping without a pillow under your head. Anyway, sleeping on your stomach isn’t recommended for back pain sufferers because it doesn’t preserve the curvature of your spine.
  • And for back sleepers, placing a small pillow under your knees to help maintain the normal curve of your lower back and support your neck with a pillow, will relieve pressure on your spine.

Medium-firm to firm mattresses may work well for those who end up sleeping on their stomachs or for larger people (those weighing more than 230 pounds) who need more resistance to hold up their weight. But some softness— provided by a pillow top, for example—is often needed to cushion the shoulder and hip bones of side sleepers.

According to a study conducted by The Lancet in 2003, a mattress of medium firmness improves pain and disability among patients with chronic non-specific low-back pain.

Does the comfort layer of the mattress have a cooling effect, or does it hold your body heat and leave you sweaty and uncomfortable? Such questions are becoming increasingly important for new mattress shoppers. The National Institutes of Health advises cooler temperatures for sleep because cooling increases blood flow, and that leads to better oxygenation.

Mattress technology has advanced significantly to address this issue through techniques like body temperature absorbing materials (phase change materials or PCMs), and through the increased use of cooling copper, gels, or other materials in the top layer. Cooling mattress toppers, bought separately, too, do offer the same remedy.

Hybrid mattresses-in-a-box can offer the best of all worlds, combining coils with a top layer of foam or latex (made from either synthetic or natural rubber), or both foam and latex, and normally deliver the medium firmness preferred by back pain sufferers.

How To Heal Your Chronic Back Pain For Good

If you suffer from chronic back pain and want to learn more about a natural, fast way to get immediate relief without surgery or drugs, find out more by reading this article and watching the free video below…

This article is for all women and men of all ages who want major relief from back pain in less than 25 minutes!

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This Unusual 25-Minute, 8-Movement Revolutionary Method Relieves Years of Upper AND Lower Back Pain, Forcing Your Body to Gently Yet Naturally Rebalance Itself In Just One Session, Releasing a Flood of Biochemicals in Your Body Designed to Finally Heal Your Back for Good!

There’s probably no more aggravating form of pain than chronic back pain.

Sometimes you can’t stand. Sometimes you can’t sit. Sometimes you can’t drive or walk.
Or twist your neck. Or lie in bed.

Did you know that more than one-third of Americans in their mid-50s and older have chronic pain in their back or neck?

And a similar percentage report chronic leg or knee pain.

In fact, more than one in five adults in their late 40s through late 80s has some other type of recurring pain.

Chronic pain conditions increase rapidly from about ages 25 to 60.

If you’re struggling with back pain, if you’ve tried diets and/or workout programs and seen little in the way of effective results, then this article could change your life.

That’s because these 2-minute miracle movements are so different and so revolutionary, you’ve never seen anything like them before!

And in the next few minutes as you read this short article, you’ll discover:

  • Why you’re in pain, even though you did nothing wrong.
  • Why pilates, yoga, and even other stretching exercises may be doing you more harm than good.
  • And how doing these simple movements on a regular basis can guarantee you’ll never suffer from back pain again.

As you’ll see below, these uniquely sequenced movements have been tested and proven to work on women and men of all ages, and body types.

This method allows your body to naturally unlock and release the back pain for good, because it is backed up by scientific research and studies.

And the best part is that these 2-minute revolutionary movements will work out for you with no equipment, no uncomfortable girdles, no expensive braces, and no over-the-counter or pharmaceutical drugs.

The Real Cause Of Back Pain

Healthcare practitioners may be able to identify bones and muscles by name, they may have years of experience and formal education treating back pain with injections, drugs, and invasive surgery, but they don’t really understand how pain is created in the body.

And most importantly, such healthcare practitioners don’t know how to trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms that heal back pain.

Help Your Body Unlearn Your Pain

There’s a reason why chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, and even surgery don’t provide lasting relief for your back pain… You see, they help to address the symptoms, but not their true cause.

In order to remove back pain, you’ve got to restore balance to the muscles.

Muscle imbalances occur when one side of your body is under-worked while the opposite side is over-worked.

For example, if you sit at a desk for long stretches, the muscles on your back that support your spine become weak, while the muscles on the front of your body become tight.

The result? Stress builds up in your lower back.

After months or years of your body in the same position, this imbalance might grow into major back pain issues…

Imagine doing the same job, eight hours a day, for 10+ years…
All these issues lock your body (and your back pain) in place. Your body might become a prison of pain.

If nothing is done to sort out muscle imbalances, you might suffer a herniated disc, or even battle life-long sciatica.

And that’s when the real pain begins.

So if you do want to get rid of your back pain once and for all, you need to fix the true cause: the muscle imbalances.

In practical terms, the way to do it is by following this unique back pain-relieving method which is available online.

Introducing… Back Pain Relief For Life Program

  • Restore Muscle Flexibility and Balance
  • Relieve Your Pain
  • Increase Blood Flow, Nutrients and Oxygen to the Spine
  • All In Less Than 25 Minutes

The Back Pain Relief program is an alternative approach to treating back pain that is much cheaper and more successful than the costly, and radical conventional procedures.

What’s the Secret That Makes This Back Pain Relief Program So Effective?

The secret is the unique combination of 8 x 2-minute simple movements that systematically address specific muscle imbalances — the real cause of your back pain.

All you’ll need is a place to lie down, a towel or firm pillow to place under your head, and a chair – nothing else.

So that means you can do this program just about anywhere.

And a complete session takes no more than 20 minutes, which easily fits into your daily schedule.

With this Back Pain Relief program, all you’ll need is the desire to get rid of your chronic back pain, 20 minutes per day, and the ability to follow easy directions for practicing these 8 simple movements:

  • Movement #1: Begins activating imbalanced muscles, preparing them for relief.
  • Movement #2: Wakes-up dormant hip muscles and continues activating imbalanced muscles.
  • Movement #3: Now that your body is prepared, you’ll feel an initial wave of relief wash over you as Movement #3 starts releasing your back pain.
  • Movement #4: Continues flooding your lower back with newfound blood, nutrients, and oxygen – you’ll feel oddly energized.
  • Movement #5: Decompresses the lower back – users often visibly exhale as years of pent up tension is released.
  • Movement #6: Aligns the whole body, restoring muscle balance along the entire spine in addition to your lower back.
  • Movement #7: Finishes stabilizing your spine, hips, and back in their natural, pain-free positions.
  • Movement #8: Gently compresses the spine to flush old blood out of your discs, then pull in new blood for even more healing, pain relief, and recovery.

Afterward, you’ll notice more flexibility, relaxed yet strong muscles, and a distinct absence of pain.

But that’s not all…

Beneficial Side Effects You Must Be Aware Of…

When putting the Back Pain Relief program to work to relieve your chronic back pain, you’ll also experience…

  • Stronger abs and a stronger core, enhancing your stability and balance.
  • Walking taller, say goodbye to walking around hunched over.
  • Improved posture, completely transforming how you’re seen by others
  • Increased blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to all areas of your body. You’ll be experiencing fewer pains and aches.

The 8 movements are simple and can be done at any time, anywhere. All you’ll need is a place to lie down, a towel or small pillow to put under your head, and a chair.

You’ll also get the complete sequence, with easy-to-follow diagrams, so you can print them all and take them wherever you go.

Remember, you don’t have to become a back pain expert or do any studying of any kind to benefit from this pain relief program. All you’ll need to do is watch the 28-minute online video and follow along.

Prepare to be excited. It’s very common for customers to experience complete pain relief during the very first session.

That’s why 10 short coaching videos were developed to provide you even more insight into how this back pain relief program works, as well as give you additional tips for getting the most out of each session of the Back Pain Relief program.

You’ll quickly appreciate why your back magically starts to respond and feel better as you ease into the first movement.

During such private consultation (by email and/or phone), you’ll get answers to all the questions you have, address any major issues related to your back pain problem, and you’ll get help to tailor the 8 movements to your unique situation.

Today Is the Day You Can Stop Spending Countless Hours and Thousands Of Dollars On Temporary Back Pain Relief!

You see, this revolutionary Back Pain Relief For Life program is focused on addressing the true cause of your chronic back pain, so you don’t have to spend the rest of your life treating it.

By following the simple online videos that walk you through the unique sequence of the 8 body movements, you’ll finally be on the path to ending your chronic back pain forever.

You might look at it in this fashion:

  • A single chiropractic treatment for back pain might cost about $35+
  • A trip for acupuncture might cost anywhere between $45 and $100.
  • A single massage session, maybe $45+
  • And of course, things can get very costly when you consider advanced treatments, medications, and surgery.

The bottom line is that you could spend a lot of cash doing all these things and still end up only with temporary relief for your back pain, at best.