Our Most Common Nightmares That Impact Our Sleep

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2019)
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A closer look into our nightmares that impact our sleep…

  • 42% of people have nightmares of falling
  • 41% of people have nightmares of being attacked
  • 34% of people have nightmares of being trapped
  • 32% of people have nightmares of death
  • 29% of people have nightmares of being late to work

Yep, falling is the most common element in dreams.

Nightmares are bad dreams that awake you from deep sleep. They often occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and could be explained as the unconscious manifestation of your everyday fears and anxieties.

Although dream analysis is subjective, many people believe falling indicates a loss of control. When people feel overwhelmed in their lives, they may experience nightmares about falling.

Furthermore, women recall their dreams upon awakening 17x more often than men. Women also admitted to having infidelity nightmares, and had them 38x more often than men.

Since women tend to pay more attention to their feelings, they’re more likely to carry their feelings into bed and subsequently dream about them.

Finally, sleep scores remain fairly consistent between those who recall their nightmares and those who do not.

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