Purple vs. DreamCloud Mattress Review

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DreamCloud vs. the (original) Purple mattress

The Purple mattress is probably one of the most famous mattresses in existence. Its TV advertisements combined with the hi-tech materials that it’s made of, have contributed to becoming a household mattress name.

The DreamCloud mattress, on the other hand, might not be quite as well known by the general public – but they’re certainly not strangers to us in the mattress industry, and they’ve got an excellent reputation that can easily rival that of Purple.

In this online review, we’re going to place the DreamCloud and the (original) Purple mattress head to head.

We’re going to dissect each mattress layer-by-layer in order to evaluate what we like (and what we don’t) about both.
Both brands are excellent choices, and you don’t ever have to set foot in one of those miles-long showrooms, again.

Let’s take everything apart and see what’s up in this (original) Purple versus DreamCloud showdown.


  • They’re both hybrid products that use multiple materials
  • They’re both exceptionally cool sleeping surfaces


  • The (original) Purple has many less layers than the DreamCloud (3 vs 8)
  • The Purple contains no memory foam and uses a new patented material called Hyper Elastic Polymer
  • The comfort grid of the Purple is a unique design pattern

Mattress Philosophy

Both manufacturers are part of the current mattress revolution. They’ve started because consumers were tired of the way bed retail stores marked up mattresses artificially in order to make excess profits and used disorienting showroom tactics to convince you to buy a bed (e.g. Mattress Firm).

Instead, both are direct-to-consumer brands, which means major savings for you. They don’t offer an opportunity to test out the mattress before you buy it, but they rely on generous sleep home trials to help you feel confident about ordering the new mattress online.

The construction of both mattresses uses multiple layers to suit how the human body enjoys sleeping. In the past, mattresses used one layer for support and sometimes a thin bit of comfort material on top. Such construction forced your body to conform to the mattress instead of the other way around, so you’d toss and turn looking for a comfortable position. Result? Pain when you wake up in the morning.

Instead, these new manufacturers focus on one or two mattress models and making them the most comfortable they can be. They both use layers of contouring modern materials that allow your broader parts to sink further, while filling in gaps in your natural curves. The bottom support layers push back and help keep your spine aligned, so you wake up with no pain.

Motion Transfer

If your partner falls asleep late or is constantly tossing and turning, you’ve probably experienced being jostled awake accidentally – and it’s annoying.

Isolating motion is critical for couples. Both Purple and DreamCloud use a combination of foams for preventing the movement from transferring from one side of the bed to the other, so you get more peaceful, better sleep.

Another benefit of motion transfer happens when one partner is heavier than the other. Usually, it creates a dip in the mattress, but with motion isolation, you won’t roll accidentally towards each other, in the middle of the night.


If you aren’t willing to pay the full amount for the price of the mattress all at once, both manufacturers offer easy financing options. You’ll receive a decision within minutes and then checkout, online.

Edge Support

If you feel like you’re falling off or sliding down the mattress when you sit or lay on its edge, your bed doesn’t offer good support.
Both Purple and DreamCloud have reinforced the sides of the mattress, so it’s more supportive towards the edge.


Both Purple and DreamCloud manufacture their mattresses in the United States, so you won’t wait around forever for a bed to be shipped from overseas.


Purple ships like a classic bed-in-a-box. Their mattress is compressed and delivered right to your door via FedEx Ground. You don’t have to be at home to receive it. The drawback is that there’s no one to help you set it up and you’ll have to unpack the box, tear the plastic off and allow it to inflate by itself.  You do have the option of choosing white glove delivery service if you need help setting up your mattress, together with the option of hauling away your current mattress.  However, this service is only available for the new Purple models.

DreamCloud uses a more traditional delivery with white glove delivery service. You’ll have to be at home to receive the mattress, and the delivery person helps you set everything up and will also remove your old bed. The initial fee is $149 (and $45 for each additional item delivered).

Sleep Trial

DreamCloud lets you try out the new mattress for an incredible 365-nights before deciding if it’s right for you. There’s no minimum number of nights, but you should sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days to evaluate it properly.

Purple lets you try out the new mattress for 100 nights before deciding if it’s right for you. They’ll ask that you sleep on the bed for at least 30 nights before initiating a return.


Purple offers a full 10-year warranty for mattress defects, and they’ll replace it at no cost to you. However, your mattress must be appropriately supported.

DreamCloud offers an Ever-long warranty. This is a guarantee that as long as you use and own the mattress, it will be free from defects in workmanship and materials.

Construction Comparison: DreamCloud vs Purple

Both DreamCloud and the Purple mattress are hybrid products that are made from various materials layered on top of one another.

The Purple Construction: 3 layers

This material has been designed to be used in a very specific way.

This layer is not a flat wedge of material like other layers in most other mattresses. It has rather been manufactured into a kind of grid-like pattern (The Comfort Grid) with raised sections and lowered sections, and they’ve been designed to collapse when they’re subjected to your body weight for providing further contouring benefits. This brings this material inline with the contouring power of memory foam… and it doesn’t have problems with overheating.

Hyper Elastic Polymer is one of the best thermal regulators you’ll find in any foam based mattress anywhere and naturally wants to conduct heat through the entire surface area of the layer, ensuring that hot spots dissipate before they even have a chance to form.

Hyper Elastic Polymer is also much firmer than memory foam and it’s unlikely to sag or dip over time – so you’re going to get several more years of usage before you need to consider the replacement of your mattress.

DreamCloud Construction: 8 layers

This mattress is exceptionally thick at 15 inches and provides a luxurious feel from the moment you jump on top of it. It offers 8 layers made of unique materials, all of which are of exceptionally high quality.

There are little cells inside the material that contain air (and give memory foam its contouring properties). With normal memory foam, the air inside these cells heats up from body heat and as it can’t escape and ventilate – hot spots tend to form underneath the sleeper. Cooling gel memory foam has a thermal conducting gel added to it which is designed to absorb much of the heat that comes from the sleeper before it gets into the cells. The gel spreads the heat out evenly over the entire surface – resulting in a cooler sleeping surface and a reduction of hot spots. It’s a very effective strategy for eliminating the problem of overheating.

It has also got an additional benefit of being an internal cooling layer inside the mattress. Because latex is naturally ventilated, it allows air to flow reasonably freely throughout this layer and out into the bedroom (taking the heat away with it).

The smart thing about this layer is that all the coils have been split up into several different zones. Each zone has a different firmness level, which means that you can get more support where you need it, and less support where you don’t.

It’s extremely effective and transforms the mattress into one of the best products on the market for side sleepers.

Firmness Comparison

The best mattress will ideally be firm enough to provide adequate support, but also soft enough to conform to your figure and relieve pressure points throughout the body. 6 to 7 on the firmness scale is the most popular range.

The DreamCloud mattress is medium-firm (they like calling it luxury firm) and is around 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The original Purple is also a 6.5 out of 10.


The original Purple comes at $649 for the Twin, $999 for the Queen and $1,299 for the King size. The DreamCloud comes at an affordable $499 for the Twin, $999 for the Queen, and $1,199 for the King size.

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery puffy-royal-1000x Purple vs. DreamCloud Mattress Review Mattresses  original purple mattress review purple vs dreamcloud dreamcloud vs purple mattress reviews dreamcloud
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