Layla vs Puffy Mattress Review

The Layla Mattress is a copper and gel-infused memory foam flippable firmness mattress, meaning you can flip it for firmness. With 2 selectable firmness levels in this mattress, you have 2 chances to find the right fit: Soft (4.5) or Firm (7). On the other hand, Puffy is a medium-firm mattress with cooling cloud technology. Both Layla and Puffy mattresses do an incredible job with cooling and are made of pure memory foam.

Puffy vs. Layla mattress review

Comfort & Firmness for Layla vs Puffy

The Layla mattress soft side is perfect for side sleepers who love the feeling of sinking into their bed at night. On the flip side, back sleepers and stomach will love Layla’s medium-firm half. And edge sleepers will also be happy by the firmer half.

Layla also uses technology to keep the heat out. Many of its layers work to help promote airflow while contouring to your body. You can easily change positions on Layla’s firm side or feel safely enclosed tightly on the soft side.

Puffy’s top layer (the Cooling Cloud Comfort) ensures your body remains at a neutral temperature so you can sleep soundly through the night.

Puffy’s Climate Comfort layer protects your mattress from temperature fluctuations by cooling itself when it’s hot and warming up when it’s cold, leading to a comfortable and less-disruptive night’s sleep.

And Puffy’s Firm Core Support Layer adds a unique firmness to ensure correct spine alignment, adapting to your unique body shape to allow for continuous blood circulation and pressure relief to alleviate any tossing and turning while you sleep.

Puffy vs. Layla mattress review

Materials & Layer Comparison for Layla vs Puffy

The Layla mattress has both a medium-firm feel and a soft-firm feel all within its structure of a four-layer layout. It starts out with a 3-inch Copper Infused Memory Foam Layer that uses the copper to quickly transfer heat out of the mattress. The second layer is made up of Convoluted Air Flow Foam, and this 2-inch layer helps with convulsion while circulating air out of the foam. The middle layer is made of 4.5 inches of base foam to support the bed. The last layer is also made of Copper to finish out the mattress firm side. All 4 layers are wrapped in a hygienic and breathable cover to help protect your Layla mattress.

The Puffy mattress is made of 10 inches of foam and features three layers, and are properly balanced to give the mattress a medium-firm feel. The top layer that helps with this feeling, is made up of 3 inches of Cooling Cloud Gel infused visco polyurethane foam (2.5 pounds), and has conduction and convection technology to battle heat emanating from your body. This layer provides the Puffy mattress 8 times the airflow of a normal foam mattress. This Cooling Cloud layer is also made to adapt to your nightly movements while removing pressure.

Puffy has recently added an additional layer to both mattress models (the original and the new Puffy Lux – check our full review here) that is made of the new Climate Comfort Foam. This foam provides high pressure-relieving capabilities across a broad range of temperature and humidity levels – making it resistant to the contraction and expansion that often occurs from extreme temperatures.
Specifically, it is designed to prevent contraction in the cold and expansion in the heat. Expect a subtle warming effect during the cold winter months and a cooling effect during a hot summer.

The Plush Dual Cloud Layer is an exclusive foam layer found only on the Puffy Lux that provides incredibly soothing and adaptive support and body contouring. This specialized layer works in tandem with the top layer to melt away your body’s pressure points.

Puffy’s Firm Core Support Base layer is a polyurethane foam (non-latex) manufactured with the Variable Pressure Foaming process which is much cleaner for the environment. It is a CertiPUR-US Certified foam.

The Puffy mattress is wrapped in a all-new Stain Resistant breathable cloth cover that can quickly and easily wipe up spills while leaving your cover just as white and clean. It is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified.

Puffy vs. Layla mattress review

Delivery and Off-Gassing for Layla vs Puffy

Both Layla and Puffy mattresses offer free shipping to your home, if based within the contiguous U.S.. If you happen to live in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada there will be a shipping fee of $125. The Puffy though is made-to-order, guarantying that it doesn’t sit in a warehouse for a long period of time compressed and gaining odor. The Layla mattress will need more time to air out, and will have stronger off-gassing than Puffy. Both brands are made in the U.S..

Temperature Regulation for Puffy vs Layla

Both these mattresses stay ahead of other memory foam mattresses by using uncommon cooling technology, so you won’t need to worry about overheating.

Puffy maximizes its airflow with the Cooling Cloud layer which is infused with gel to help keep things cool, and to let heat flow out naturally. And the cover on the Puffy mattress is made to be breathable.

With Layla, you can sleep both cooler or warmer depending on what side of the mattress you select. If you’re a hot sleeper, you can flip it to the firmer side which is guaranteed to be cooler than the soft half.

Layla’s copper infused layers help move the heat molecules out of the mattress faster. On top of this, the first and last layer are both made to let heat easily flow out of the mattress. In fact, every layer in Layla helps promote air flow.

Value: Layla vs Puffy

The Layla mattress [BEST BUY] comes in these sizes and prices: | Twin $599 | Full $899 | Queen $999 | King $1,099 | $125 off + 2 free premium pillows | SHOP NOW & SAVE!

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The Puffy mattress comes in these sizes and prices: | Twin $795 | Full $995 | Queen $1,150 | King $1,350 | $300 off with coupon BESTPUFFY | SHOP NOW & SAVE!

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Additional Information for Puffy vs Layla

Both brands offer a lifetime warranty, and also offer financing through credit agencies. Both manufacturers provide great customer service, with easy returns. Puffy features a 101-night sleep trial, and Layla gives you a 120-night trial period. Both mattresses can also be used with any type of normal base and adjustable bed base.

Puffy vs. Layla mattress review