Better Sleep with Adjustable Beds

Adjustable bed = better sleep

Examples of what an adjustable bed can do for you: Trouble with your partner (or you) snoring? Simply elevating the upper body facilitates easier breathing as you sleep, and elevating your feet can also help relieving swelling or soreness related to poor circulation. The ability to maneuver your bed into the position that’s most comfortable to you eliminates tossing and turning every night. If your adjustable bed has a zero gravity position that can elevate your upper body and feet simultaneously, this can help relieving problems with back pain. With Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to adjust your bed’s position straight from your phone, or activate a raise-awake alarm. Under-bed night light will make night-time trips safer. And a massage feature (e.g. 3D Wave massage technology with separate head/foot control) will help you waking up feeling more alert.

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