GhostBed Mattress Comparison

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Natural Latex Mattress

GhostBed created 5 unique mattresses to help you sleep better at night: the original vs. Flex vs. Luxe vs. 3D Matrix vs. Natural Latex.

All GhostBed mattresses (reviewed below) are backed with a 25-year warranty and feature the best in sleep technology so you’ll wake up refreshed, rested, and ready to take on the day!

You’ll also get a 101-night sleep home trial, free shipping in mainland USA, free mattress pickup (in case you decide to return it), and all GhostBed mattresses are built in the USA.

Selecting your ideal mattress below will come down to the level of coolness and support you prefer.

The GhostBed Original 11″ Mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery ghostbed-original-mattress GhostBed Mattress Comparison
The original 11” GhostBed is the most affordable mattress built using feedback and research from thousands of past customers, and features a unique, aerated top layer of latex (non-allergenic) for better breathability and bounce, 2-inch pressure-relieving cool gel memory foam, and a high-density, durable support core (ideal for overweight sleepers). Offering a blend of comfort and support with a medium-firm feel, this mattress works well for all sleeping styles, including back, side, and stomach sleepers. | Prices from $484

Best Choice If…
You have a limited budget – but don’t want to skimp on comfort or quality.
You need a mattress that’s soft, yet supportive to alleviate neck, back, or joint pain.
You want a bed that’s springy enough to move around on, but also with minimal motion transfer so that your partner does not wake up when you move.

GhostBed Flex 13″ Hybrid Mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery ghostbed-flex-mattress-1280x720-1 GhostBed Mattress Comparison
The 13” GhostBed Flex is the best-selling hybrid mattress that combines the plush comfort of gel memory foam with the sturdy support of reinforced coils. This medium-support mattress features cooling fiber woven into its plush, quilted cover, for a cool-to-the-touch feel. The Flex is an excellent option for all types of sleepers, as well as couples that are looking for minimal motion transfer. | Prices from $971

Best Choice If…
You’re making the switch from a traditional innerspring mattress.
You love the idea of supportive coils combined with a comforting gel memory foam.
You want a mattress that contours to your body without making you feel sunk in.

GhostBed Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery ghostbed-luxe-cooling-mattress-1280x720-1 GhostBed Mattress Comparison
You’ll stay comfy and cool all night long on the 13” GhostBed Luxe Mattress. It’s the only mattress with core and surface cooling technology, plus 7 layers of comfort — including cooling gel memory foam, the patent-pending Ghost Ice Layer designed to sense heat and adjust throughout the night, and a plush cover infused with cooling fibers. With its medium-plush feel, this Luxe bed is most appropriate for both side and back sleepers who love the feeling of snoozing on a cloud. And it’s also outstanding for couples because of its low motion transfer. | Compare it here vs Puffy Lux | Prices from $1,046

Best Choice If…
Sleeping cool is a major priority.
You dream of a soft, yet supportive mattress, but you prefer a plusher top.
You’re looking for relief from neck, shoulder, or hip pain.

GhostBed 3D Matrix 12″ Patented Tech Mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery ghostbed-3D-MATRIX GhostBed Mattress Comparison
The 12” GhostBed 3D Matrix hybrid is a luxurious mattress featuring 7 layers of exclusive patented technology for your best cooler sleep ever. The 3D Matrix layer features a thermal-conductive gel polymer that absorbs excess heat and transfers it away from your body. Need added support due to joint pain? 1-inch of soft transition foam will cradle your body for amazing comfort, and the Ghost Bounce layer is contouring like memory foam, and responsive like latex (non-allergenic), providing a floating sensation without leaving the ground! | Prices from $1,313

Best Choice If…
You crave the ultimate in luxury and cutting-edge sleep technology.
You need added support due to arthritis, joint pain, or limited range of motion.
You tend to sleep hot (and are tired of waking up drenched in sweat).

12″ GhostBed Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress (30% Off)

12” height; 5 layers of natural comfort
1.8 oz of natural wool disperses heat & keeps you cool
Genuine Talalay and Dunlop latex for the perfect balance of softness and support
Clean, pure organic cotton cover with cooling air-flow technology
Reinforced edge support — no slipping off the sides
Medium: hugs and contours the body while providing solid support

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery ghostbed-natural-mattress_2 GhostBed Mattress Comparison
5 main benefits of the GhostBed Natural Latex Hybrid 12″ Mattress with Coils | 1. Breathe easy: embrace a cleaner, healthier lifestyle with chemical-free and toxin-free materials, including organic cotton and sustainably sourced latex. | 2. Keep your cool: naturally cooling latex core, airflow-enhancing coils, heat-dispersing natural wool, and a breathable cotton cover keep you cool all night long. | 3. Ease aches and pains: experience your best sleep yet at an affordable price point. | 4. Feel the support: designed with comfort in mind, featuring the perfect blend of supportive coils and cushioning latex for natural spinal alignment. | 5. Sleep and sit safely: Proprietary Spirited Edge support provides structure and prevents sagging at the edges of the mattress. | Save 30% OFF Sitewide + 2 Free GhostPillows

All Sleeper Types: Stomach, Back, Side, and Combo [WATCH VIDEO BELOW]
Those who want an eco-friendly mattress that doesn’t skimp on quality or durability.
Sleepers who love a bit of “bounce,” due to the natural springiness of latex.
Couples who prefer minimal motion transfer, thanks to the pocketed coils.

GhostBed Mattress Quiz

In order to start with your mattress selection process, it’s important to know beforehand what’s your body temperature like at night, i.e. hot, or cold. Remember, along with giving your body a metabolic boost, sleeping cool helps to raise melatonin levels.

Then, you’ll also need to know beforehand what type of firmness or feel you prefer in a mattress, i.e. 1) soft/plush, 2) in the middle, or 3) firm/supportive.
Be aware that selecting a mattress firmness is a personal journey. Consider any pain you might be suffering from, your favorite sleep position, your weight, and ultimately your personal preference.

Furthermore, what type of mattress are you looking for… 1) memory foam, 2) innerspring, or 3) combination/hybrid?

What position do you normally sleep in? 1) on your back, 2) on your side, 3) on your stomach, or 4) all over the place?

What challenges or issues affect your sleep? 1) I’m a little overweight 2) I have trouble falling or staying asleep 3) I have aches and pains and 4) I have arthritis

Finally, do any of the following apply to you? 1) I have sleep apnea, asthma, and/or I tend to snore 2) I have acid reflux, and/or frequent heartburn 3) I have varicose veins and/or swollen feet/legs 4) I have frequent migraines 5) My partner and I have different comfort policies.

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