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EcoBliss V GhostBed Natural V EcoTerra V Molecule AirTEC V Brentwood

Latex hybrid mattresses with coils offer several benefits, namely superior support, and conforming abilities, better than average motion isolation, more temperature neutral than all-foam mattresses, available superior edge support, and a wide variety of firmness options. However, they’re heavier than innerspring and also the all-foam mattresses, and are normally more expensive than the traditional pure innerspring and also the average all-foam mattresses. Their support core is normally made of pocketed coils and their comfort layers are at least 3 (or more) inches of visco-elastic foam, polyfoam, or other materials (micro-coils, buckling column gel, etc.).
Here we compare and review 5 major brands: GhostBed Natural vs EcoTerra vs EcoBliss vs Molecule AirTEC vs Brentwood. Check also our Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress Buyers Guide, at the end of this page.

12″ Eco Bliss Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery eco-bliss-hybrid-latex Best Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress Comparison Reviews
Organic natural latex plus motion-isolating coils will keep your spine in a natural position for relaxing, deep sleep, making this 12″ Eco Bliss hybrid latex mattress ideal if you share your bed with a partner, are a side-sleeper, or enjoy the buoyant support of a premium spring mattress, for reducing partner disturbance | Prices: $849 Twin, $1,349 Queen, $1,649 King | SHOP NOW with coupon TRYMATTRESS and save $1,200+$50.

The Eco Bliss handmade mattress features a comfort system with a top layer of GOTS certified organic wool and 2 bottom layers of organic Dunlop latex. The stretch cover is made of organic cotton and the support core is manufactured from organic Dunlop latex, and it comes in 9-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch designs. There are also 5 firmness optional levels, which can be adjusted by simply unzipping the cover and swapping layers at any time, customized right in your own home.

Why the Eco Bliss is the Mattress for You

  • 100-Night Money Back Guarantee: every Eco Bliss natural latex mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, offering free shipping and free returns.
  • 100-Night In-home Comfort Exchanges: if your Dunlop latex mattress layer is either too soft or too firm for any reason whatsoever, you’ll receive a free, 100-night in-home comfort adjustment with free shipping fees. Sleep better or receive all of your money back.
  • 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty:  you’ll be guaranteed that your organic latex mattress will be repaired or replaced should it be deemed defective because of faulty workmanship or structural defects for a period of 25 years.
  • 5 firmness options (soft, medium, medium-firm, firm, extra-firm): MEDIUM Plush Organic Dunlop Latex – ideal for side sleepers and most sleepers (80% of customers choose MEDIUM). And FIRM Plush Organic Dunlop Latex – ideal for 275+ pounds and stomach or back sleepers (20% of customers choose FIRM).
  • Breathable comfort, due to the soft knitted organic cotton cover which offers unrestricted airflow and moisture absorption to keep you sleeping dry and cool. And because it’s certified organic, it means that it was grown sustainably, without the use of any dangerous herbicides or pesticides.
  • Temperature regulating, due to the organic New Zealand wool. Up to 10 pounds of certified organic wool in every latex mattress not only provides exceptional soothing support, but it breathes naturally and helps your body maintain a well-regulated cool and comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • Exceptional pressure relief, due to the organic Dunlop latex (from Arpico) which is calibrated to a different firmness, so you can dial in with precision your perfect level of softness and support guaranteed to last for many years. To that effect, simply unzip the cover and swap layers at any time right in your own home, to adjust your unique firmness/comfort level.

13″ Molecule AirTEC Hybrid Mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery Molecule_Hybrid_Phelps-1024x683 Best Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress Comparison Reviews
The Molecule AirTEC Hybrid is Michael Phelps’ favorite mattress | AirTEC is a foam that provides the buoyant feel and responsiveness of latex, but with a high level of durability and unprecedented airflow | Designed to maximize support and comfort, the Molecule AirTEC HYBRID combines the cooling comfort of foam and the adaptive response of coils with a targeted 5-zone support layer to relieve critical pressure points exactly where you need it | SHOP TODAY and SAVE 20% SITEWIDE

The Science Behind The Molecule Hybrid 13″ Mattress

Extra plush quilted top with premium air circulation to wick away heat while providing a luxurious sleeping surface.

Features an open-cell structure with over 6x the airflow vs. traditional memory foam and provides superior comfort and exceptional pressure management.

Features 5x the airflow vs. traditional memory foam for cooler sleep.

Hyper targeted, self-adjusting support for different parts of the body.

Adaptive, customized comfort and enhanced edge support.

Ample 7” of firm foundational support, fostering healthy spine alignment.

Just like Michael Phelps does, experience the cooling support of Molecule’s most premium mattress with the perfect combination of the exclusive AirTEC latex-like foam and Molecule Edge coil support system | Prices start at $1,299 (Twin), $1,899 (Queen), $2,299 (King) | SHOP TODAY and SAVE 20% SITEWIDE

12″ GhostBed Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery GhostBed__Natural2 Best Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress Comparison Reviews
GhostBed natural latex mattress – the perfect blend of supportive airflow-enhancing coils and cushioning naturally cooling latex core (Dunlop & Talalay) for natural spinal alignment | Prices: Twin XL $1,488 | Queen $1,653 | King $2,036 | Cal King $2,061 | Split King $2,325 | SHOP TODAY and Save 15% OFF Sitewide + 2 Free GhostPillows

12” height; 5 layers of natural comfort
1.8 oz of natural wool disperses heat & keeps you cool
Genuine Talalay and Dunlop latex for the perfect balance of softness and support
Clean, pure organic cotton cover with cooling air-flow technology
Reinforced edge support — no slipping off the sides
Medium: hugs and contours the body while providing solid support

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery ghostbed-natural-mattress_2 Best Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress Comparison Reviews
5 main benefits of the GhostBed Natural Latex Hybrid 12″ Mattress with Coils | 1. Breathe easy: embrace a cleaner, healthier lifestyle with chemical-free and toxin-free materials, including organic cotton and sustainably sourced latex. | 2. Keep your cool: naturally cooling latex core, airflow-enhancing coils, heat-dispersing natural wool, and a breathable cotton cover keep you cool all night long. | 3. Ease aches and pains: experience your best sleep yet at an affordable price point. | 4. Feel the support: designed with comfort in mind, featuring the perfect blend of supportive coils and cushioning latex for natural spinal alignment. | 5. Sleep and sit safely: Proprietary Spirited Edge support provides structure and prevents sagging at the edges of the mattress. | SHOP TODAY and Save 15% OFF Sitewide + 2 Free GhostPillows

All Sleeper Types: Stomach, Back, Side, and Combo [WATCH VIDEO BELOW]
Those who want an eco-friendly mattress that doesn’t skimp on quality or durability.
Sleepers who love a bit of “bounce,” due to the natural springiness of latex.
Couples who prefer minimal motion transfer, thanks to the pocketed coils.

—> Try the GhostBed Natural 12″ Mattress for 101 Nights and Save 15% Sitewide + 2 Free GhostPillows

11″ Eco Terra Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Home W/ Free Delivery Eco_Terra_Latex_Mattress Best Latex Coil Hybrid Mattress Comparison Reviews
The Eco Terra 100% all-natural organic latex 11″ mattress (3-inch thick latex) with dynamic fabric-encased coil support (8-inch thick coils) and pure organic cotton, for deep, restful sleep | Try it for 90 nights at home, risk-free | Free shipping & free returns, continental U.S., only | 15-year warranty | Prices:  $649 (Twin), $999 (Queen), $1,199 (King) |    Save $175 Today

The Eco Terra Natural Latex Coil Springs Hybrid Mattress allows the sleeper to experience the contouring and buoyancy of latex.

Natural Talalay latex has been incorporated in the form of a 3″ layer so that the sleeper finds total ease while he/she is resting. Latex contains the unique property of reducing the discomfort of resistance at various pressure points of your body. A network of multiple fabric-encased 8″ coils inside provides great support and also accounts for the necessary lift in bed for keeping the sleeper’s spine in perfect alignment, without creating any heavy feeling.

Eco Terra Materials, Size and Design

The Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress comes with a rich 3″ layer of 100% natural Talalay latex. Inside, there is also a premium individually-wrapped 8″ coil core which has been encased in fabric, and a 100% organic cotton cover. Side sleepers will find this 11″ mattress suitable to their needs because this bed is medium firm. Classy pinstripe organic cotton fabric has been added to this bed and quilted with soft foam at the back for the right amount of buoyancy and that extra luxury you require. And being organic implies that its comfort layer is manufactured with purely 100% hypoallergenic, plant-derived latex.

Eco Terra Product Qualities

Unlike the memory foam mattresses, this latex hybrid bed won’t sink in, and you’ll never get the feeling of being in quicksand. And its motion isolation qualities means that its fabric-encased coils reduce any kind of disturbance caused by the partner’s movements. They’re also responsible for long-lasting relaxation because each coil is calibrated for generating increased support and getting rid of painful pressure points. The Eco Terra mattress is extremely comfortable for all sleep positions.

Other Eco Terra Features

No irritation causing chemicals or harsh dyes have been used in its manufacturing process and its fabric is made of 100% organic soft cotton, well-known for its high breath-ability properties.

12″ Brentwood Hybrid Latex Mattress

The Brentwood Hybrid Latex 12″ Mattress offers a medium feel | It features 2 luxurious layers: GOTS organic certified cotton quilted over a foundation layer plus fiber stuffing made from REPREVE recycled polyester, followed by a rich layer of naturally crimped 100% natural wool | For the core comfort layers, 4-inches of GOLS Organic Certified Natural Dunlop latex | A 8-inch Edge coil unit from Leggett & Platt featuring up to 975 individually pocketed coils made from up-cycled steel in the US, plus a reinforced perimeter | Prices: Twin $899 Queen $1199 King $1499 | 1-Year Trial | Save $200 TODAY

Benefits of Latex Coil Hybrid Mattresses

This type of mattress is associated with innerspring beds with its coils that are designed for support, blended with latex.

The materials used for latex hybrid beds tend to vary depending on the manufacturer, but it usually contains the following layers: a steel support using the coil system of an innerspring mattress, a comfort layer which is made from latex, cooling materials to help disperse the heat evenly throughout the bed, and a mattress topper for extra support.

Most mattress brands use synthetic or blended latex that is not 100% natural. They generally pair their latex comfort layers with other non-natural materials (e.g. polyurethane foam, cooling gels, or Visco elastic memory foam), as well as substances that are known to impact human health (e.g. adhesives which are used to bind their layers together and also flame retardants). All mattress brands we’ve reviewed above use 100% natural latex.

When sleeping on this kind of bed you should expect to experience the contouring comfort offered by latex, but also with the bounce that is expected of an innerspring bed. And since there is a coil system at the core of this bed, you can expect it to be cooler to sleep on at night compared to other types of mattresses.

Those who do not want to sink deep into their beds because of the latex foam will find the presence of coils to help to create a buoyancy when they sleep.

Furthermore, latex coil hybrid mattresses tend to feel cooler because of the spring system they use. Air gets circulated within the core of the mattress which helps to alleviate the heat getting trapped in this type of bed.

And the pocketed coil design of innerspring mattresses, which is used in hybrids, will reduce the off-gassing which is typical in many new mattresses. You will not be bothered by a chemical smell when you lie down on this type of bed.

However, latex coil hybrid mattresses can be difficult to move because of their typical construction. The weight of their coil system is the reason why these mattresses will require another set of hands in getting it from the entrance door to the bedroom.

When you shop for a latex hybrid mattress, consider the ones offering Individually Encased Coils – because such coils will respond independently, providing a variety of body types with personalized comfort, increased pressure relief while limiting the amount of motion transfer, and increased airflow.

And depending on the construction of your latex hybrid mattress, you may be subjected to motion transfer which can disrupt your sleep at night. With so many mattresses on the market, you’ll have to look out for a true latex hybrid from a reputable brand, and that’s why we’ve selected for you these four brands where the issue of motion transfer is central to the design of their beds.

Finally, there is the important issue of Comfort of your bed. This is clearly a matter of individual preference – so don’t expect what others enjoy will be suitable for you. There are some who prefer mattresses that are neither very soft nor super firm, while others pay lots of attention to the firmness of their new mattress. The best way to know which type of bed is ideal for you is to select a brand that offers a sleep home trial. This is the best way for you to get a feel for the mattress that you are sleeping on without the fear of buyers remorse.

The Latex Hybrid Mattress with Coils Buying Guide

1) Choose According to Your Sleeping Position

Some of us like to sleep on the stomach, most are side sleepers and a few sleep on the back. The choice of a new mattress should mostly be based on the favorite sleeping position of the individual.

2) Look for the Placement of Latex within the Mattress

Essentially, mattress manufacturers have the option of inserting latex in 2 ways.

The first is the comfort layer with foam over latex. In this instance, the percentage of latex placed into the mattress is low and the purpose here is bringing more suppleness and comfort, rather than firmness.

The second is the support layer with latex over foam. In this instance, latex forms the top layer and foam is placed beneath latex. It is mainly designed for sleepers who are looking for solutions to their intense back pain and do not want a bed that sinks in. This type of layering results in more firmness and support.

3) Home Sleep Trial Period

The best way to shop for a new mattress is by trying it out at your home. A home sleep trial period is clearly a must. If the firmness, quality, or bounce, doesn’t satisfy the consumer, there should be an option of returning it back to the manufacturer within a specified time period – but never less than 90 days.

4) Mattress Warranty

Generally, latex coil hybrid mattresses offer a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Thus, make sure that the warranty period of the selected new mattress is close to such duration bracket.

5) Certifications (for GOLS and Organic)

Certifications are a legitimate way to assure the durability and quality of the new mattress. Top brands offer the bed with genuine certifications as a proof to their high-grade mattresses. Check below in greater detail the importance of both the standard “GOLS” and the regulated term “Organic”, in terms of certifications.

What is GOLS Organic Latex?

Organic latex must be certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) to contain 95% or greater organic latex sap — the highest possible standard.

Organic latex is responsibly grown on organic certified rubber tree farms without the use of persistent herbicides and pesticides. Then, it is processed in organic certified facilities.

Organic latex is a sustainable and renewable resource that is far better for the environment and human health.

Organic latex always includes a full chain of custody for consumer transparency and trust, and must always be marketed with a license number under the GOLS certification logo from the certifying body, such as Control Union.

For obvious reasons, GOLS Organic Certified Latex is more expensive than natural, synthetic or blended latex, and is far more scarce. Finished products and producers are listed in the GOTS Public Database. Customers must be educated to make sure that GOLS Organic Latex claims are backed by public certifications.

What is an Organic Mattress?

Organic is a highly regulated term by the FTC and the USDA’s National Organic Program. When any mattress brand claims to be Organic, it does mean all of the materials used that can be organic, are actually organic.

An Organic Mattress uses only materials — typically organic latex, wool, and cotton — that have been certified under the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Both standards are endorsed by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), regardless of their country of origin, for purposes of social responsibility and ecology.

Those standards mean that: (1) all of the factories that make the natural material components and finished products follow organic practices and are also organic certified; (2) all of the materials are certified to be organic, and (3) the finished product is organic certified. It must also maintain ethical business practices. Three levels of certification are required.

What is an Organic Certified Latex Hybrid Mattress?

The comfort fabric ticking and comfort layers are made with GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex, GOTS organic certified wool, and GOTS organic certified cotton. Talalay latex, which is natural latex, but does not meet organic standards, is not used. Polyurethane, visco-elastic memory foams, or cooling gels are also not used.

The innerspring support unit is made in the U.S. from recycled steel, and can not be made from organic materials.

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