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Muse memory foam mattress

Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Your Home With Free Delivery and Free Returns muse-mattress-family-e1511892631553 Muse (15% off)
A revolutionary, cooling memory foam mattress that’s available in 3 comfort options and delivered straight to your door in a box. | Try it risk free for 120 nights. | Free delivery within mainland U.S. and Canada | 10-year warranty. | Prices from $650 (Twin), $950 (Queen) to $1,100 (King) | Order Muse today with coupon MYMUSE for 15% off!
Try Any Mattress of Your Choice RISK-FREE @ Your Home With Free Delivery and Free Returns muse-mattress-construction-e1511892154915 Muse (15% off)
Muse tested hundreds of foam and fabric combinations to create one amazing mattress. Muse 12” mattresses are available in 3 different comfort levels (soft, medium and firm) | Order Muse today with coupon MYMUSE for 15% off!
  1. Muse’s high-performance Cold Wire Plus cover will allow you to sleep cool and wake up refreshed, creating the optimum surface for snoozing.
  2. A 2-inch layer of 3.5 lb. density foam is infused with gel to combat heat retention, allowing you to sleep cooler than a traditional foam mattress.
  3. Choose from soft, medium or firm to personalize the 2-inch layer of 4 lb. density foam that forms the luxurious interior of our mattress.
  4. A durable 8-inch base layer of 2 lb. density foam provides a supportive, pressure-relieving foundation for comfort that lasts and lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Muse Mattress

  • The Muse mattress generally takes 5–7 days to arrive at your door. Tracking information will be sent via email once your order has been shipped.
  • The 120-night sleep trial is an invitation for you to sleep on your personalized mattress for 120 nights (or days) in the comfort of your own home. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund. If you decide to return your Muse,  it’ll be either donated to a local charity or pickup will be arranged.
  • Muse mattresses, pillows and protectors are artfully woven with Cold Wire Plus temperature control yarns that form a soft, cool surface, creating a beautiful quilted pattern, and also serving to wick away body heat.
  •  Each Muse mattress is constructed from 3 layers of foam. The second layer of the mattress is the comfort layer that is made 4 lb. density memory foam. This layer will differ in firmness depending on the comfort level you select (soft, medium and firm).
  • Your Muse new mattress will be covered by a 10 year Limited Warranty.

Order Muse today w/ coupon MYMUSE for 15% off!