Adjustable Bed Foundations

The split adjustable bed foundation support 2 mattresses for a split sleep setup with 2 remotes, allowing separate adjustment of each side. Now both you and your partner get your own way in bed.

Wave massage and melt away stress

A high-end massage? Yes, please! Unwind with full-body massage tech proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed and fall asleep faster. Wave massage generates the feeling of a gentle wave rolling up and down your spine to help lull even the most sensitive sleepers into restful slumber. Watch this short video…

Snore less and enjoy the quiet

The Anti-Snore pre-set position raises the head of the Reverie bed foundation slightly to open airways for reducing snoring and improving breathing, as well as acid reflux.

Instant pressure relief and achieve the “ahhhh” feeling

Sore back? Sink into the Zero Gravity and feel your pains and aches slip away as you adjust and fine-tune the perfect position for watching a movie in bed.

Relax in the most comfortable position for you

Adjustable Bed Foundation Features

  • Individual head tilt functionality for increased and precise head and neck support.
  • Head and foot articulation.
  • Wave technology with 10 intensity levels, full body and 4 wave modes.
  • 2-way Bluetooth technology.
  • Whisper quiet lift system.
  • ProGrip technology to secure mattress (2 corner retainer bars included).
  • LED night light.
  • Wall-Snuggler design keeps nightstand within reach.
  • 850 pounds weight limit.
  • Automatic safety stop upon weight overload.
  • Power down features in the event of power loss.