Diamond Transformation Mattress Review

The Transformation mattress is a new model that has been designed by Diamond Mattress based on their 80+ years of experience and millions of mattresses sold.
This hybrid mattress offers premium cooling features to regulate your body temperature, as well as a supportive micro-coil layer that combines memory foam and innerspring layers to provide total pressure relief. It is supportive and comfy with all the benefits of wrapped coils that contours and supports you while having flow and movement so you’ll feel naturally weightless and contours while sleeping. This mattress is designed specifically to regulate your temperature throughout the night and provide a supportive surface that will help keep your spine, neck, and shoulders aligned for undisturbed sleep.

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The Transformation hybrid 10-inch mattress offers micro-coil technology, which assists with adapting the bed to the body seamlessly. The 5 (five) comfort layers include a cool-touch cover, conductive memory foam, micro-coil matrix, and transitional high-density foam. Beneath that is the pocketed coil matrix for back support. Let us explore all 5 comfort layers, below…
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COOL-TOUCH ADVANCED REGULATING FABRIC, with Temperature Regulation and Pressure Relief
01 Advanced Phase Change Material coating regulates temperature so you can enter sleep quicker and stay asleep longer
02 Actively moves excess heat away from your skin where it can dissipate to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment
03 Luxury stretch knit design will contour to your body relieving pressure and enhancing conformability


Temperature Regulation and Pressure Relief

  • 01 Actively regulates your core temperature for the most natural sleeping environment
  • 02 Graphene and conductive flakes dissipate heat from the surface of the skin
  • 03 Provides superior pressure relief for sound sleep
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A hybrid mattress design for a boost of balanced comfort.
01 Contours to your natural shape to help achieve a comfortable sleeping posture
02 Hyper conductive memory foam regulates core temperatures for a natural sleep
03 Coils provide breath-ability and additional comfort and support
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Sleep more comfortable all the way to the edge of the Transformation mattress
01 Increases usable sleep surface by allowing you to sleep all the way to the edge without feeling like falling off
02 Creates a better edge for entering, exiting, and sitting on the side of the mattress
03 Reduces motion transfer between partners for deeper sleep and less disturbance
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Micro-Coil Comfort Layer for Pressure Relief, Support & Breath-ability
01 Over 1,000 micro-coils act with independent suspension to create weightless pressure relief
02 Wrapped coil design enhances airflow and breathability to keep your sleep environment more comfortable
03 Reduces motion transfer and contours to the sleepers’ needs


Adding 25% more support where you need it most

  • 01 Additional wrapped-coils in the center third of the Transformation Diamond mattress provides extra back support where you need it the most
  • 02 Improves alignment by relieving pressure along the shoulders, back, and hips
  • 03 Prevents motion transferred between partners for less disturbance and deeper sleep.
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Stay Aligned in bed with the Transformation by Diamond Mattress
Your 10-inch mattress is a sanctuary that should always have your back with a supportive surface you can count on.
This Patented Zoned Support System features nested coils that offer 25% more support than traditional spring systems, targeting zoned pressure points along your spine for better posture and healthy alignment.
Staying aligned is the backbone to being healthy, and strong every day.

Transformation Mattress Starting at $1,499 (Twin)

Featuring the advanced temperature-regulating fabric for an ideal comfort zone.

Main Features:
2-inch HD Certipur Comfort Foam
Patented Support System: Center Zoned Nested Wrapped Coils
Foam Encased Design

Additional Features:
CoolTouch Advanced: Active temperature regulation Color Changing / Phase Change Material / Cool to touch
2-inch Luxurious Quilting
2-inch Hyper-conductive Diamond Sparkle Foam
1383 Micro-Coil Support System

This Transformation mattress is 10-inch in height and has the same base as the other collections from Diamond, i.e. a zoned support system with 25% more coils in the center of the mattress and also a 2-inch layer of HD comfort foam.

Unique to this hybrid mattress is the micro-coil comfort layer that tops the base layers, consisting of over 1,000 micro-coils that provide weightless pressure relief, increased airflow, and reduced motion transfer across the mattress.

Then, this Transformation mattress has another layer of Diamond Sparkle memory foam topped with the Cool Touch Advanced fabric.

Transformation Mattress Firmness

This hybrid mattress is available in Plush, Medium, and Firm. The Plush bed is rated as a 3/10, while the Medium is rated as a 5/10, and the Firm is rated as an 8/10.

The Medium mattress provides an excellent middle ground that should suit all couples with different sleep preferences, and different sleep styles (i.e. back, side and stomach sleepers).

Mattress Cooling and Motion Control

This Transformation mattress will perform best in terms of cooling: it features the Sparkle foam, which draws moisture and excess heat away from your body, as well as Diamond’s specialist Cool Touch Advanced Phase Change Material, which regulates your body temperature as you sleep for full comfort.

Additionally, the micro-coil layer further serves to enhance airflow through this mattress, allowing the other cooling features to dissipate heat easier, for a cooler sleep surface.

This is also the best mattress out of the Diamond mattress collections in terms of motion control, because the additional layer of micro-coils helps to isolate motion fully, even if your partner tosses and turns around, next to you.

Overall, this Transformation mattress is Diamond’s most premium bed, with a slighter higher price-point to match, but the benefits are huge. If you’re looking for an hybrid mattress with lots of cooling features that also offers deep support and pressure relief, this model ticks all the boxes in the selection process.

Diamond’s White Glove Delivery

Diamond’s white glove delivery service includes delivery to your doorstep and in-room setup, together with the removal and disposal of your old mattress. The $149 fee will include delivery, setup, and the option to have your existing mattress removed.