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Two layers of Gel Memory Foam help Nectar circulate air, distribute weight and contour to your body. SHOP NOW and Get $100 off for Labor Day + 2 Free Memory Foam Pillows!

Order Today to Receive Your 365 Night Sleep Trial.
Get $100 off for Labor Day Promo – SHOP NOW!


  • NECTAR prices range from $399 (Twin), $699 (Queen) to $899 (King).
  • NECTAR is designed for every type of sleeper and arrives backed by a Full Comfort Guarantee and Forever Warranty, plus a full year sleep trial so you can make sure it’s right for you, at no risk.
  • NECTAR’s foam layers include “Lush” 1-inch four lb semi-open fast-recovery gel memory foam, a 3-inch 3.5lb memory foam with a medical grade cooling and recovery levels and finally a 2.2lb high density base foam.
  • NECTAR arrives straight to your door and if you prefer, your old mattress can also be removed. NECTAR is probably the most comfortable mattress you can purchase and if you don’t agree, NECTAR will take it back and refund your full purchase.
  • NECTAR also throws in a free mattress protector, and promises a “No Bed Bug Guarantee,” that states if any bug is found on a new mattress it’ll be completely replaced, no questions asked.

  • Try Nectar Mattress: you will receive a full year, 365 nights to enjoy your mattress and figure out if it’s right for you. If you decide for any reason that it is not your ideal mattress, the mattress will be removed from your home and your payment will be refunded 100%. The risk-free trial is 3 times longer than any other in the marketplace. Fewer than 3% of NECTAR sleepers return their mattress.

  • NECTAR’s financing plan is easy and requires no credit check. If you’ve got a bank account, credit or debit card and a source of income, you can buy NECTAR with 6 months of low, interest free payments. Applying is a snap and you won’t need to share your information with third parties or worry about credit bureau checks.

  • NECTAR will ship to you by Fedex ground when you place your order. Allow 1-5 days for arrival. If you request full setup of your NECTAR, plan for an extra 1-2 days for the local NECTAR team to schedule your setup. Shipping within mainland U.S., only.

  • After sleeping on NECTAR, the words customers normally use in their 30-day feedback surveys are “love” or “need”. NECTAR is semi-firm to firm.

  • 5 minute sleep tests at a retail store are not the way to choose a mattress that you’ll be sleeping on for 30% of your life over the next decade (or longer). The 365 night sleep trial ensures that NECTAR will be right for you, at no risk. You’ll be trying NECTAR on your bed and in your home, where a sleep trial should be.

The Uniqueness of NECTAR Sleep

  • Ultra Dense Gel Memory Foam
  • Breathing Airflow & Woven Fabric Cooling System
  • 365 Night Sleep trial
  • Forever Warranty
  • Perfect Firmness Guarantee
  • No Bed Bug Guarantee
  • Free Replacement Cover
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Mattress Setup/Removal

Order Today to Receive Your 365 Night Sleep Trial.
Get $100 off for Labor Day Promo – SHOP NOW!