DreamCloud vs. the New Purple mattress review


This is an in-depth mattress review between the DreamCloud brand and the New Purple mattress.

Construction / Materials

The main difference in construction between the New Purple and DreamCloud mattresses is the Purple Smart Comfort Grid, which is a new patented material called Hyper Elastic Polymer that rests just below the surface of the New Purple mattress vs. DreamCloud, which has 5 layers of cooling, super soft memory foam and natural latex in between the top layer of the DreamCloud mattress.


Both DreamCloud and the New Purple are hybrid mattresses, meaning that they both use a combination of coils and foam, instead of just one main material, e.g. memory foam or latex foam. DreamCloud was crafted with luxury in mind and its layers are unique in their quality and combination.

The New Purple’s main notable layer is its (1) Smart Comfort Grid made of elastic polymer, (2) a layer of polyurethane foam, (3) support coils, and (4) another layer of foam, with the Plexus side panels.

DreamCloud on the other hand, is made of 8 (eight), top-of-the-line in comfort and quality, layers, as follows:

  • A True Tufted Cashmere Blend EuroTop: This high quality, super soft top is unmatched in softness and breath-ability.
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam: Cooling and supportive, this layer not only perfectly contours to your body but also maintains a neutral temperature.
  • Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam: This layer only adds to the cozy quality of DreamCloud.
  • Supreme Natural Latex: DreamCloud’s premium natural latex layer provides a cushioning bounce with some added give that contours seamlessly to your body.
  • Dream Plush Supporting Memory Foam: High density memory foam providing boundless amounts of support throughout the night.
  • Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam: Also about support, this layer is meant to eliminate strain on your back and keep your body in alignment, no matter what sleeping position you prefer.
  • Patent-Pending “BestRest” Coils: This 5-zoned foam encased micro-coil compression system is unmatched in the field.
  • High Density Super Soft Memory Foam: Beautifully crafted high density foundation foam that keeps your back in alignment.

The New Purple Construction: 4 layers

  • Hyper Elastic Polymer

This layer is made from a patented material called Hyper Elastic Polymer that Purple have invested a significant amount of time and money developing it.

This material has been designed to be used in a very specific way.

This layer is not a flat wedge of material like other layers in most other mattresses. It has rather been manufactured into a kind of grid-like pattern (The Comfort Grid) with raised sections and lowered sections, and they’ve been designed to collapse when they’re subjected to your body weight for providing further contouring benefits. This brings this material inline with the contouring power of memory foam… and it doesn’t have problems with overheating.

Hyper Elastic Polymer is one of the best thermal regulators you’ll find in any foam based mattress anywhere, and naturally wants to conduct heat through the entire surface area of the layer, ensuring that hot spots dissipate before they even have a chance to form.

Hyper Elastic Polymer is also much firmer than memory foam and it’s unlikely to sag or dip over time – so you’re going to get several more years of usage before you need to consider the replacement of your mattress.

  • Comfort Foam

It’s made from normal medium firm comfort foam, and adds a bit of firmness and support to the mattress, generating some thickness for a more luxurious feel. Its whole purpose is to soften the gradient between the Hyper Elastic Polymer above and the base layer below.

  • High-Density Support Foam

The final layer of the Purple mattress is made from high-density support foam and is made from a high-quality foam that’s not going to degrade, and offers an exceptionally supportive base.

Sleep Concierge + White Glove Service

  • DreamCloud Sleep Concierge Team will help you coordinate your purchase or in-home trial as well as answer any questions you may have about DreamCloud. If you choose, your mattress will be hand-delivered via White Glove Service, set it up in the room of your choice, remove all of the packaging, and also remove your old mattress at no additional cost. The fee starts at $149, and each additional item delivered will cost $45.
  • The New Purple also offers a similar White Glove Service for delivery, with free in-home setup and old mattress removal.

Trial Period

DreamCloud 365 Days vs. the New Purple 100-Night Home Trial
DreamCloud understands the importance of taking your time to make the best decision for you, which is why you can take the mattress home on a risk-free trial period for an entire year. Unlike the New Purple mattress that offers a trial period of only one season, DreamCloud allows you to test out your mattress throughout every season in a year.


Purple offers a full 10-year warranty for mattress defects, and they’ll replace it at no cost to you. However, your mattress must be appropriately supported.

DreamCloud offers an Everlong warranty. This is a guarantee that as long as you use and own the mattress, it will be free from defects in workmanship and materials.

Sleeping Hot

  • The most prominent problem with memory foam mattresses is that they tend to trap heat inside them and thus result in the user feeling hot while they sleep. A memory foam with gel infusion has a special cooling gel that keeps it cool while you sleep. DreamCloud is made with a gel-infused memory foam layer that is close to the surface of the mattress, translating to staying cool and well-supported throughout the night.
  • With a temperature-neutral, open grid design, the Purple Smart Comfort Grid promotes airflow and dissipates body heat so you don’t sweat the bed. And the Plexus Side Panels is made of a breathable, mesh-based material that adds support without stifling air flow to help keep the New Purple mattress cool from dusk till dawn.

Motion Transfer

  • Motion transfer refers to the amount of movement that is felt from one side of the bed to the other. Because of DreamCloud’s hybrid design of premium memory foam and foam encased pocketed micro-coil compression system, motion transfer is nonexistent with DreamCloud. Sensitive sleepers who wake up easily will love this about DreamCloud, especially if they or their partner is someone who tosses and turns.
  • The New Purple’s Purple Smart Comfort Grid effortlessly isolates motion, so you don’t feel your partner, posterity, or pets when they wiggle about.

Price / Affordability

The Queen-sized DreamCloud 15″ mattress comes in at $999 and the Queen-sized New Purple mattress comes in at $1,599.

The DreamCloud hybrid 15″ mattress with 8 layers comes in at $499 for a Twin, $999 for a Queen, and $1,199 for a King.

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