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A Custom-Made Mattress is Better than a One-Type-Fits-All Mattress

The more goods in your world that are customized for meeting your individual requirements, the better your world will be operating. That’s why a custom-made mattress is surely a better decision than a one-size-fits-all one from big mattress warehouses. Before you commit anything for your next mattress purchase, consider these circumstances detailed below.

  • You and Your Partner Have Different Sleep Preferences

Some people prefer fish while others prefer a veg diet. Some prefer to keep their home colder and others prefer a warmer temperature.

One partner might prefer a supportive and firm sleep surface, while the other might like a far more comfort-oriented one. With traditional mattresses, the entire bed is either firm or soft, and there’s no practical way to make half the mattress firm and the other half softer.

However, when you buy a custom-made mattress, it’ll be made-to-measure for meeting your specifications. This means that half the mattress can be made softer and with fewer comfort layers for one partner, while the other half can be made firmer and with additional comfort layers. Thus, it’ll help provide an equal level of comfort for each individual partner – and that’s why dual-split mattresses are becoming so popular.

  • Adjust Your Mattress as Your Requirements Change

When you purchase a customized mattress, you’ll have the ability to make changes to it over the course of its life cycle.

You’ll be able to add or remove comfort layers and/or change the firmness of layers in your mattress, as needed along the way, to accommodate any changes that might take place in your body.

For example, if you develop arthritis later in life, or start feeling chronic back pain, you can adjust your mattress thickness and/or firmness, in order to better suit your changing comfort needs over the course of your life.

Some of these changes may come about as a result of age, accidents, illnesses, medical conditions, and during pregnancy.

Over the course of time, you may switch sleeping positions – e.g. transitioning from the role of a stomach or side sleeper to that of a back sleeper (or vice versa), with different needs for support and pressure point relief from both sides of your bed.

In these cases, the simple addition or removal of comfort and/or support layer could make a big difference in the quality of your sleep, without forcing you to replace an entirely new mattress in order to achieve these changes in comfort.  And such a critical feature will extend dramatically the life of your mattress.

  • The Firmness, Thickness, and Size Can Be Customized

The thickness of your mattress can also have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep.

Those who are exceptionally tall or short may prefer a bed that accommodates their specific height. Those who are heavier in weight will require a thicker mattress with more cushioned support.

The firmness of your mattress can also have a substantial impact on the quality of your sleep.

Those who sleep on their stomach or back may prefer a firm mattress, while those who are side-sleepers may prefer a mattress that is medium in firmness and those who are older or fragile may prefer a softer mattress.

Furthermore, most traditional mattresses come in standard sizes. If you’ve got a custom bed frame that doesn’t conform to modern mattress sizes or you want to make your own, one-of-a-kind bed frame, you’ll require a mattress that is custom-made. It’s the perfect solution for many people who prefer to recycle, or reuse furniture, or create new and unique furniture of their own.

When you customize your mattress, it’ll be made-to-order for meeting your unique requirements, rather than working with one-type-fits-all, so common in several industries – but not in the sleep industry.

  • A More Productive and Happier Life

Your mattress does have a significant impact on the quality of life in your day-to-day living.  Sleeplessness is a huge problem and aches or pains might rob you of much-needed rest at night.

When your mattress isn’t performing well, it can cause discord in the relationship of a couple, unhappiness in the workplace, and overall stress in your life.  Only a customized mattress will provide the appropriate sleep solution for your requirements, as an individual and as a couple.

Sleepless nights can cause a serious deterioration in the quality of your life.

When problems such as memory, productivity, and even your health are associated with your current mattress, a custom-made mattress can ensure that both partners’ comfort and support needs are met. Thus, both partners will regain the quality sleep they need to be happy in life and perform better at work.

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  1. As you mentioned, with a customized mattress, you are able to add or remove things as needed. Would something like this allow for the lifespan of the mattress to be longer? My husband and I prefer different firmness with the mattress, I will have to suggest something like this to him and see what he thinks.

  2. Shaylee, it won’t necessarily allow for the lifespan of the mattress to be longer… but it’ll surely increase the quality of sleep for both you and your husband.

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