Better Sleep with Adjustable Beds

Essentially, our beds have been the same for hundreds of years, i.e. flat, sometimes with some spongy material for comfort. However, a revolution for bed tech is currently on the horizon, and it’s being developed by one innovative game-changer: the adjustable bed.

An adjustable bed is important for the simple reason that sleep is important, and an adjustable bed will help you sleep better. Here are below just a few examples of what the best adjustable beds are capable of…

Trouble with your partner (or you) snoring? Well, simply elevating the upper body facilitates easier breathing as you sleep, and elevating your feet can also help relieving swelling or soreness related to poor circulation. The ability to maneuver your bed into the position that’s most comfortable to you eliminates tossing and turning every night. If your adjustable bed has a zero gravity position that can elevate your upper body and feet simultaneously, this can help relieving problems with back pain. With Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to adjust your bed’s position straight from your phone, or activate a raise-awake alarm. Under-bed night light will make night-time trips safer.
And a massage feature (e.g. 3D Wave massage technology with separate head and foot control) will help you waking up feeling more alert.

Without a good night’s sleep, you aren’t working at your best, you’re less likely to be a team player, and you’ll probably make more mistakes throughout the day. But an adjustable bed will save your day by contributing for making your nights more restful.

Recent research shows that over one third of U.S. consumers are interested in buying an adjustable bed, and 9% of all U.S. consumers already own one.

If you’re ready for your sleep to have the comfort and convenience of modern day technology, it’s time for you to start considering sleeping in an adjustable bed.

Yep! It’s time for a serious life upgrade. Benefits? Well, you’ll fall asleep more easily, you’ll wake up more rested, and you’ll start enjoying hanging out in your bedroom more often.

  • If you’re the Reader type of person, your favorite adjustable bed position will be the Head Up, characterized by providing support to your back, neck and knees, because you’ll have your tablet or book on your lap.
  • Sore back? Your favorite adjustable bed position will be Zero Gravity, because it’ll help relieve pressure on your back, and just feels amazing overall.
  • Sore legs is your norm? Your favorite adjustable bed position will be Feet Up, and turn on massage, for increased circulation and to relieve aching muscles.
  • Mornings aren’t your thing? Well, your favorite adjustable bed feature will surely become to program the head of your bed to raise (automatically) in the morning with massage.
  • The Anti-Snore adjustable bed position will help relieve snoring, acid reflux, and sleep apnea.
  • Spa Lover? The luxurious 3D Wave massage will sooth you to sleep and will help you feel better all day long.
  • Sneeze often? Your favorite adjustable bed position will be Elevated, because it’ll help relieve congestion. Allergies caused by dust and mold aren’t fought exclusively with tissues…
  • Late shift? You don’t have to wake up your partner! Your favorite adjustable bed feature will become Night-Light, allowing you to tiptoe off to work (or the fridge), without your partner being aware of.
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